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Our Electrostatic Spray is Safe and Invisible with Long-Lasting Results

Safe Sanitize is a facility sanitizing company. We are driven to making gathering spaces safe for people to congregate. Our offerings prevent the spread of COVID and other airborne illnesses so that people regain their confidence about meeting safely in public places.

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Why Electrostatic Disinfection?

Electrostatic disinfection is a scientific process that kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria on every surface.

Safe Sanitize was born out of a facilities maintenance company
that’s been around since 1999.

We work with facilities managers of all types of companies and organizations who are responsible for keeping their spaces safe and people protected.

Our trained, uniformed staff can arrive anytime during the day or night to service all areas of a location. We provide decals to display providing assurance to both customers and employees that you’re taking the extra step in maintaining a healthy environment for people to gather.

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Mitigate The Risk of Spreading Infection

Our disinfection and sanitization service exceeds CDC industry standards for COVID-19.

Open Your Business and Keep It Open

Safe Sanitize serves the broad community of healthcare, educational, commercial/residential, and correctional facilities, as well as the hospitality, marine & automotive industries with its reliable, safe, and effective disinfection service.

Free Up Your Time to Focus on Your Core Business

A reliable disinfection service is critical to help prevent the spread of illness-causing infections and to keep customers and employees safe.

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What People Are Saying About Us!

“The service, communication, and level of professionalism from Safe Sanitize were terrific. They were in and out, but very thorough sanitizing hard-to-reach areas. The electrostatic spraying technology is 99.9% effective in killing viruses like COVID-19, and non-toxic, so it’s safe for everyone with long protection! I love the analogy that Lance gave. He said if someone were to cough or sneeze on an area that had been treated, that this EPA approved disinfectant would immediately eradicate it. During these uncertain times, we want to keep our employees and customers feeling safe! I would highly recommend Safe Sanitize!”

– Kelly Taylor

“You can’t go wrong with Safe Sanitize. The service was impeccable. We called and they had a team out within 24 hours. In today’s times, we are taking every precaution to keep our employees and staff safe! We appreciated the attention to detail, knowledge, and expertise.”

– Doug Johnson

"I watched the crew make sure they hit every possible surface, door, desk, phone, handle, you get the picture. The main difference between a previous company we used and Safe Sanitize is that Safe Sanitize cared."

–Private School Facilities Supervisor

Inquire today on disinfection and sanitization services.

We service the following cities:

Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, Laredo, Lubbock, McAllen, San Antonio, The Colony, Waco, and much more.